"Chinchillas can make great pets for the right people"

Information for prospective chinchilla owners, current chinchilla owners, and chinchilla enthusiatsts

Chinchillas As Pets

Do chinchillas make good pets? Are they right for me? How long do they live? This page will help you understand what you should take into consideration before getting a pet chinchilla.

Where do I get one?

  Chinchillas are increasing in popularity, but are still not very common pets.  The biggest question prospective chinchilla owners have is where to get a chinchilla in the first place.  Fortunately, finding a chinchilla is not as hard as you might think! There are two routes to take when getting a chinchilla: adopting or purchasing. […]

What Do They Need?

As pets, chinchillas are relatively easy to care for.  They eat and drink in small amounts, they don’t make much noise, and they’re easy to clean up after.